The Sanctuarium is the physical manifestation of GHOST located at 2729 N 62nd St. Omaha, Nebraska, right within Benson First Friday’s headquarters. It is a reflexive space where creatives can work, organize, and exhibit their makings while communicating with and impacting the community in a positive way.

Definition: sanctuarium — a place associated with supernatural events, relics, miracles, spirituality, and pictures.

INTERLACED. The Sanctuarium, July 5th, 2019.
Art by Emma Krenzer:, instagram @emmakrenzerart
Joelle Wellansa: instagram:
Laura Simpson:, instagram: @laurabeth_art

Interlaced is constructed of three distinct approaches to making -- obvious and apparent, constructed and then deconstructed, the work allows itself to take ownership of the space in which it appears. Meaningfully tactful work is interwoven and installed throughout the room connected by physical mediums and various narratives allowing the viewer to walk through and interlace their own journey.

Phonological Loop. The Sanctuarium, June 7th, 2019.
Art by Casey Callahan — instagram @caseycallahan_art

The residue of reality: a memory. Indistinct layers of recorded and unrecorded personal history stack so closely together that they bleed onto one another. The events superpose and simplify through a process of collage that functions similar to self-constructed memory’s fabricated, simplified, and overlapping experiences. The pressure of one another, changing the shape of each other, evolving with time. The result: a simulated version of reality. I am interested in the influence technology, object, and repetition have on the way we collect and recall memories. As well as how this mediated recollection of memory often informs the construction and interpretation of one’s own personal identity and history. I aim to explore the overlap of documented and delusional realities that occur in my everyday life. I do this through a process of constructing my own autobiographical memories into physical objects, experiences and practices. Phonological Loop places the viewer in an interactive multi-sensory experience of audio, video, movement, and aroma involving an amalgamation of memorabilia and found/assembled objects. A reflection of memories, fragments, fiction, and the chaos of a multidimensional understanding. Dissected from their keeper, these elements come to fruition through their interaction and the experience of a third party— putting serendipity in the hands of the viewer.

Dance a Dance of Another. The Sanctuarium, April 5th, 2019.
Art by Pha Nguyen — instagram @an_fhawinn
And Carley Scott Fields —, instagram @carleyscottfields

Dance a Dance of Another loosely explores the themes of the 1977 cult classic movie, Suspiria, by director Dario Argento, and the 2018 remake by director Luca Guadagnino. Moving past the supernatural -- Suspiria is the embodiment of color and form. Its atmospheric vibrancy and carefully curated cinematography are further expanded by scenes of dance and the lingering of set-piece architecture. Pha Nguyen’s and Carley Scott Field’s work play with this imagery focusing on the human form, manipulated poses, and alterations in their environment. Combined with curatorial adaptations, Pha Nguyen and Carley Scott Fields create a space slightly removed from reality and into the anthroposophic.

Rough Deconstructionism: Of Before. The Sanctuarium, February 2019.
Installation by Ian Tredway.

Rough Deconstructionism: Of Before is a space halted in transition. The space is rough, hollow -- barely occupied besides the materials that are altering the room and the colors that lived there before. By maintaining and reorganizing elements of the space’s previous use — such as the painted door, window, a left over rug, and air conditioner — the room’s foundation and the change occurring within the space itself becomes the subject matter and the point of contention.