the translucent tabletop made of amethyst absorbed the light from the fuchsia-like lamp and illuminated the table legs, her leather slip-ons, and expanded across the otherwise empty room.
— taka kono's manifesto. 2017.

instagram: @tkalwaysblue

Artist Statement.
I am an artist currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. My works attempt to reveal and investigate ideas surrounding absence, loss, and memory.
(read manifesto).

What motivates you to create? Do you have any “rituals” you do when creating?
Before creating works I like to take walks alongside waters. I spent my childhood on a man-made island surrounded by toxic waters, so it makes me very nostalgic. When I’m hands-on with my works I try to focus on allowing the materials to be, as if it has its own consciousness. I feel like that creates more emotional, political, and sociological weight.

Who or what are your artistic influences and how have they impacted you or your work?
My interest in the arts really took off after seeing Philippe Parreno’s Anywhere, Anywhere, Out Of The World at Palais de Tokyo, so I am very fond of the relational aestheticians. Artist like Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe have taught me the importance of mood.

What would you like to see more of in the art world? How does art impact the community - what would you like to see more of?
I’d like to see works that are less analytic, and straight up political. I believe art impacts the community by giving them a chance of choice.