natalia kraviec

instagram: @nataliakraviec

About the artist.
“Big Butt, Bigger Heart”  -Michael Scott

I am an interdisciplinary artist focused on process and material. I make sculpture, paintings and installation. Most of my work is made from found materials, $1 store finds and thrift store novelties.

My most recent body of work explores flocking, which is the process of depositing miniscule fibers onto an adhesive, resulting in a lux and soft surface. I am interested in processes traditionally done by women, often used to make craft objects and household decoration.

When I was a kid all I wanted to do was watch tv and organize my beanie babies. I’d rearrange my room and destroy my older brothers intricate lego creations. Any time a tornado passed through I’d collect all of my prized possessions and head to the closet beneath the stairs. My baby quilt, a small treasure chest, my baby teeth, and a spotty dotty stuffed animal. I still have all but one of these things. Me and my best friend would collect toads, and make small tableaus out of cardboard, foliage, rocks and excessive glue. I would cut out my favorite images in teen vogue and assemble them under a crisp page protector. My first artist talk was in 3rd grade and I didnt even know it.

I collect, assimilate, dissemble, reattach, reorganize.

How does your material or choice of medium impact your work?
My choice of material or medium is my work. I am a process and material based artist so I go to the thrift store/$1 store at least once a week to get inspiration and collect materials. I have an inventory of kitsch and low end materials at my house that I’m able to pick and choose from, which helps the intuitive process. I rarely have a set idea of what a piece will look like. I work with (or against) the material to inform the overall shape of the piece be it 2D or 3D. I am not bound to the idea that my work should be visually consistent.

Who or what are your artistic inspirations?
-pop culture
-junk food
-comfort objects
-mental health

-Sarah Sze
-Jessica Stockholder
-Joan Mitchell
-Lynda Benglis

Do you have any “rituals” that you have to do before, after, or during your art making to keep you creating or put you in the mood to create work?
I’m a big (TV) consumer so there’s a good chance that if i’m making work I’ll have a show on in the background. Usually vapid, materialistic or downright horrific. There’s something about watching/listening to junk tv that helps me focus on making. It’s like shutting off the overthinking part of your brain. I listen to some heavy content during my 9-5 so this is a release for me.  

  • I sit on the floor when I make work because there’s less pressure. It allows me to be consumed by all of the pieces around me. I can work freely from one piece to another.

  • I have two deeply empathetic studio assistants, Poe and Sweetums. I make them dinner every night during studio hours so in return they help me out with the little things like keeping my chair warm. They also let me know when it’s time for bed.

  • 8 hours of sleep is VITAL for me to function properly. 6 hours? That’s a no go.

What would you like to see more out of the art world?
I would like to see less white wine.