I prefer to work with paint, collage, or digitally as those are places where I feel most comfortable

instagram: @nashbellowsart

Artist Statement.
My work is largely optimistic, loud, goofy, and a bit chaotic—a bit like me when I’m comfortable in my surroundings. Most of my work has to do with altering my surroundings into a more idyllic world—whether by abstracting them into colors, shapes, and patterns or collaging existing landscapes together to create an entirely new environment.

What motivates you to create? Do you have any "rituals" you do when creating?
I love being an artist because it’s the one place I can communicate visually rather than verbally. Both may still be unclear to an audience, but the difference is that my artistic creations feel complete. When I try with words, there’s always always more to say.

While creating, I have to be listening to something on low—usually some indie music or a true crime/paranormal podcast. Most of the time, I’ll get lost in creating and won’t even notice there is anything on, but I can’t get to that place in a quiet room.

Who or what are your artistic influences and how have they impacted you or your work?
Most of my favorite artists tend to be female abstract painters and/or artists from the 1980s working with appropriation, pop culture, and graphics. My other influences stem from craft, pattern, geometric design elements, technology, 1990’s Nickelodeon cartoons and video games—anything with bright vibrant colors really.  

What would you like to see more of in the art world? How does art impact the community - what would you like to see more of?
I’d like to see more non-art people in the art world. I think artists try to impact the community as best as possible but there’s a barrier that some are intimidated by and opt out of participation.  

How does your choice of material impact your work?

I prefer to work with paint, collage, or digitally as those are places where I feel most comfortable— unfortunately I have trouble with anything 3D, especially ceramics! Material usually defines how long a piece takes. When I work with paint it could take months, while a collage or digital piece can take about an hour or two.