instagram: @kberlu

About the artist.
Kelsea is transparent, authentic, immediate and versatile. She makes high saturation femme Gen Z art and art-products under her side hustle and personal brand @kberlu. She’s getting a marketing degree, hire her for internships.

photo of Kelsea Brunner's studio.

photo of Kelsea Brunner's studio.

Who or what are your artistic influences and how have they impacted you or your work?
5 primo influences: @peggynoland  @madelinegallucci  @penelopegazin  @ratskullll (Thalia Rodgers)  @ashleylongshoreart

I love prolific, talented art women who can hustle. They redefine what it means to be successful as an artist, what it means to create value for yourself and your patrons. These women’s careers have taught me to trust myself, to diversify my products, to stay saturated, to be organized, to be diligent.

What is a positive impact that art has made on the local community that you have witnessed? What would you like to see more of?
Lincoln and Omaha have such great scenes for galleries, patrons, students. Low overhead makes self-actualization more accessible. Friendly communities make larger crowds easier. Musicians, painters, photographers can have careers here. We need a stronger pipeline for turning young creatives into successful professionals. More internships, more incubators, more curators, more startups. I want a Great Plains museum of contemporary art.

Do you have any “rituals” that you have to do before, after, or during your art making to keep you creating or put you in the mood to create work?
I think its most important to work even when you don’t want to. If you can’t think of anything, make something ugly instead. For me, keeping a designated area for my work is important. Stay ambitious, keep a notebook of every idea, save receipts. Make and keep specific and realistic goals. Making art is a lifetime job that requires grit and grace.