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About the artist.
I make pedestrian art based on my day-to-day happenings (real life & imaginary) while pursuing happiness. In my work I use mixed-media & humor to explore & question my observations, feelings, and pop culture. I am an art school drop out & amateur exhibition curator.

photo of Christopher Vaughn Couse's studio.

photo of Christopher Vaughn Couse's studio.

Who or what are your artistic influences and how have they impacted you or your work?
My influences, aside from my family & friends, are always evolving, but I’d say there’s three categories of influences for me:

TOP 5 VISAUAL STYLES: Pop-Art, Mid-Century, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Memphis Group, & Eames Office

TOP 5 ARTISTS: Ray Johnson, David Hockney, Kanye West, Camille Walala, & Adam Lucas (AKA Hanksy)

TOP 5 MISCELLANEOUS: graffiti & street art, consumerism, politics, food, & pop-culture

I find my influences always help keep my creative flow moving forward. I’m always learning & researching while trying new things & my family & friends definitely help me figure out how to refine my daily sensory overloud of inspirations.

What is a positive impact that art has made on the local community that you have witnessed? What would you like to see more of?
I feel Omaha is in a crucial stage in its artistic rebirth; there are great hands-on associations who care about growing Omaha’s creative impact. I was honored to participate in Omaha Creative Institutes’ ARTIST INC program in 2017 which helped introduce me to a new group of hardworking creatives along w/ giving all of us the tools & opportunities to help us further build our careers. I’ve also be extremely fortune for Benson First Friday opening up their arms & bringing me a lot of opportunities that I’ve been extremely thankful for!!

I feel the amount of talented individuals in Omaha seems to outweigh the amount of patrons, but instead of complaining I think maybe we as artists/creative community need to take time & think of ways to help encourage & grow the patron culture here.

Do you have any “rituals” that you have to do before, after, or during your art making to keep you creating or put you in the mood to create work?
A ritual of mine is that I’ll look through recent notebooks that I’ve jotted down ideas and concepts before determining what I’ll start to work on that day, if I don’t have a continual project running.

While I’m working I always have music on, most of the time my whole library is on shuffle, but when I need to focus I’ll usually put Kanye West’s whole discography on (varying which album I start w/.)