How do i clean up a mess? And then there are so many of them...

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Artist Statement.
How do i clean up a mess? And then there are so many of them...

I began using napkins and cardboard unintentionally at first, it was a way to build installations and artwork with less worry about financing their production, since the napkins were picked up in bulk from $0.99 stores and the cardboard from trash bins or various donations. The materiality reduced economic barriers, but could also nicely capture, in a manipulated material form, anxieties present when digesting my idiosyncratic concepts of current politics, feminist thought, anti-capitalist theory, and ultimately, my feelings. The result are uncanny painting-like sculptures that symbolically provide comfort; similar in shape to pillows, mattresses, blankets, and feminine bodies... sometimes incorporating bold words to emphasize a feeling. Most theory I understand through reading at first, so it made sense for me to incorporate language into the artwork in a way that the words could also function similarly to the other materials.

The ceramic work thematically continues in this matter, such as in β€˜Can I Melt Uncertainty Into a Flower?’, it is a metaphorical stage of hand-flowers huddling together on the last polar ice cap where they have staked their claim, but overarchingly demonstrates my concerns for climate change. The ceramics are more humorous, almost to make light of the serious situations they are reenacting.

It's not all gloom, I do receive happiness in my creative space and I find making artwork is much like playing, this is how I still play as an adult. I build worlds through installation and sculpture, and the pieces have generated their own quirky look and feel.